Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas is coming.......

In my food-styling work, Christmas starts around May-June, and continues up until December (for those weeklies or dailies that run last-minute food stories), so by the time Christmas really is here I've had enough!
And whilst everyone else is planning all the naughty food and drink they are about to indulge in, I'm normally trying to get myself fit for another cycling trip somewhere warm - this year is no exception.
But before I whizz off I've been working on the second of two books due out early next year.  The first - The Paleo Diet Made Easy is out on 6th January, with a follow-up full-colour Paleo book due in May, just in time for the spring detox season!
So, needless to say, I've been experimenting with some new recipes, and loving eating such a great, clean diet (and have kept trimmer and fitter than I've ever been before) - good to know that it works!
The great thing about eating the Paleo way (think caveman - no processed food, only foods you can hunt, fish or gather), is that it is so simple, and once you get rid of all the other stuff you really don't crave it.  Tonight I craved a plate of steamed broccoli, carrots and sprouts, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and pepper - how mad is that?  It was delicious.
Obviously I've been doing my usual experimenting with new ingredients too, and recently had to put together some recipes for The Chia Co, using their chia seeds and oil - great sources of omega-3 fats and fibre.
Always one for a great pudding, I came up with one of the simplest yet - assorted berries and chia seeds make a perfect mousse (chia seeds tend to thicken liquids into a gel-like substance) - just place them all in a blender and blend until smooth then chill until ready to serve.  If you really want a little extra sweetness you can add a tsp or two of honey, but after a few weeks of eating Paleo you probably won't even want that.
So this is probably my last blog post of the year - I'm heading off to cycle around the hills and tea plantations of Sri Lanka over Christmas and January.  I  hope to return with lots more recipe ideas for you to try in 2014!

Happy Christmas and Happy Healthy Eating.

Joy x

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