Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I spoke too soon!

There I was boasting about the fact that I had remained healthy throughout the whole Zambezi trip, and then I started to feel a little 'odd'.  A few days later the 'oddness' had changed to downright illness and my body size was getting smaller due to me not fancying anything to eat at all - and that's when I knew I was just not right!
Another member of the team emailed to say he had been diagnosed with the parasite Giardia lamblia, so I headed off to get tested, and low and behold I had also managed to smuggle some little bugs back with me too.
Giardia lamblia is associated with the consumption of contaminated water and, as we had been drinking The Zambezi it is probably safe to say that that's where we got it from.  If you need to see what it looks like just Google it - I wish I hadn't, as now I can imagine all those little bugs running around inside me!
So, with only ten days to go before I fly out to Poznan, Poland for the World Masters Rowing Championships, I needed to do some exercise but couldn't actually get my breath if I exerted myself.  Luckily I have just found an area of hills that I have not explored before, so out came the walking boots and a friend and I headed off to the North Downs for a bit of hill walking.  What a great walk we had too - hardly anybody around (on a Bank Holiday weekend I suspect they were all packed into the Lake District!), and we found a great pub for lunch in the beautiful village of Shere - The William Bray.
Now the antibiotics have done their job (I hope), I am back to getting real food down me again, and have a craving for natural yoghurt, which is not only great for the probiotics I need to help get my healthy bacteria up to speed, but also can be used in so many things, not only sweet - yesterday I made a delicious dhal with lentils and coconut oil and lots of great spices and topped it with natural yoghurt sprinkled with cumin seed fried onions.  Today I was in the mood for creamy sweet citrus, so gently stirred homemade lemon curd into creamy natural yoghurt and served it over strawberries, with lemon zest on top - heavenly.
I don't think it's going to take long to replace the weight I lost!

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