Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Behind with Blogging!

Today I am sitting at my laptop outside a cafe, overlooking the Aegean Sea in the beautiful town of Foca, where I have a little town house.  The more I come here, the more I believe I could stay forever - the food is amazing, the sea is warm and silky smooth, and the locals make you feel as if you are one of them instantly.
I normally start my day with a run around the harbour, then into the sea for the first swim of the day before breakfast.  On this visit I have friends staying, Katie and Maddie, and Katie is an artist, so every other day we have been having painting lessons - starting with a bowl of cherries on day one, then a still-life in the garden, and finally we hope to stretch to a sea-scape.  At the moment we are still trying to figure out where to paint where we will not be over-looked - I am not yet ready to show my very simple artistic attempts to the world!
When we are not painting we have been out on the sea, firstly on an organised boat trip, and then on a private yacht belonging to a friend - so good to escape the world completely and sail away to a deserted bay for a swim.
And the food?  Every time I come here I think I will treat it like a spa break - exercise lots and eat really healthy food, as the local restaurants all serve amazing meze and fresh fish cooked really simply.  What I forget each time is the Raki that is served with food (an aniseed drink very similar to Ouzo, but is drunk throughout the meal and is quite strong), and the late- night dancing that has to be done!

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