Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Healthier Alternative to Ice-Cream

This amazing weather has got me in the mood for ice-cream.  But rather than overdose on fat I thought I would help myself a little by using natural yoghurt, instead of rich cream and eggs.  Once you have the base of a creamy natural yoghurt, the rest is easy - just add your favourite ingredients!

Be warned though, because there is less fat and less sugar in these recipes the iced yoghurt will freeze very hard if left too long (I ate mine before this happened!) and will need to be left to soften again before eating.

Ideas to help inspire you include;  figs and honey (chop the figs, cook in a little orange juice and honey and leave to cool before blending until smooth and stirring into the yoghurt before freezing), chocolate (I made a thick sauce using Willie's 100% with water and a little honey to sweeten.  Leave to cool, stir into yoghurt and freeze).  Other delicious ideas include stirring in rich marmalade or good home-made lemon curd, or crumbling  ginger biscuits and adding with chopped stem ginger.

I could go on, but I have to get outside and eat some more iced yoghurt before the sun disappears!

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